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exterior floor stained with irange-crete brushes
Superman logobrushed stain withOrange-crete brushes salon stainedwith Orange-Crete brushes
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decorative concrete brush applications
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What Decorative Concrete professionals have come to rely on with the Orange-Crete brush is its unique ”density“ or fiber design that we called Exploded GF Split Fibers. This unique engineering and manufacturing process is what makes our brushes the best in the industry.

Exploded GF Split Fibers are:
– Due to the density of our brushes, which allows to hold more liquid, they "wick" up or hold and can hold up to about a pound of liquid!
– Since our fibers can hold a large amount of liquid, it can hold a great deal of water-based stains (as one example), making the Orange-Crete brush both more productive than any other brush in the industry, and it provides as smoother stroke when applying, since it requires less loading up of material.
– The entire Orange-Crete brush line also is acid-resistant. This means that the brushes are a better investment they stand up to harsh chemicals and have a longer life.
– The way the fibers are designed, they work well with our 4" round brush that is ideal for blending colors or layers and with faux finishes.
– Our fibers are manufactured with a unique handle "gripping" the fiber strands to reduce or eliminate streaking.

Fiber Density
Our fiber density is a perfect application tool because they work well with traditional acid stains and sealers, as well as water-base stains, as previously noted.

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