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Riviera Brush Company, founded in 1982, was the first company to introduce a Ready-Mixed concrete industry-specific brush in 1993 at the Con-Agg Show in Las Vegas.

As our research and development progressed that allowed the company to introduce a unique acid resistant finishing brush line. In 1993 the Orange-Crete brush line was introduced with great fanfare because it solved many industry concerns for washing, cleaning and maintaining expensive ready-mix equipment without causing paint damage, while resisting harsh acids that was used during that period.

In 2003 the Orange-Crete applicator brushes were introduced to the decorative market and gain prominence within the decorative concrete segment of the concrete industry.

A combination of factors influenced acceptance by decorative concrete professionals for the Orange-Crete Applicator line. Decorative concrete professionals immediately saw the benefit of our orange brush line due to its versatile, performance driven and sustainable brush applicator. Major color manufacturers endorsed the Orange-Crete brand as their recommended applicator for their products mainly water-based stains, acid stains and sealers.

Today Orange-Crete is used primarily to apply acid and acid-free stains, sealers and in the stringent and demanding techniques in the faux finishing field.

The unique construction and superior engineering make the Orange-Crete brush line is the most superior products on the market today. Its versatility, sustainability and performance has placed the product line successfully in various markets including ready-mixed concrete, decorative concrete, masonry, transportation, marine, janitorial and hospitality.

A truly unique product the Orange-Crete Brush continues to attract new markets.

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