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decorative concrete
ready-mix truck claining with Orange-Crete brushes
8 inch roound Orange-crete hand brush

Orange-Crete Brush for Decorative Concrete
decorative concrete brush aplication ready-mix brush application Story of Orange Crete brushes in Concrete Decor Magazine
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What Decorative Concrete professionals have come to rely on with the Orange-Crete brush is its unique “density” or fiber design that we called “Exploded GF Split Fibers”.

This unique engineering and manufacturing process is what makes our brushes the best in the industry.

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Since 1992, Riviera Brush Co. has been manufacturing and providing the Orange-Crete brush, the most recognized truck wash brush in the ready-mixed concrete.

Our engineering process and construction of the Orange-Crete brush line is designed address the ready-mixed concrete industry concerns to ensure: safety, saving of cleaning agents and minimized equipment damage.

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stained and stenciled concrete Orange-Crete group product photo worldwide distribution of orange-crete brushes